Heart-Shaped Pretties: BaubleBar Serenity Heart Drop Earrings Review

Heart-Shaped Pretties: BaubleBar Serenity Heart Drop Earrings Review

As I mentioned in Monday’s post, I ordered the BaubleBar Serenity Heart Drop Earrings for myself (I just couldn’t resist!).  They arrived yesterday, and as promised, here are my thoughts.

Let me just say that these are gorgeous in person!  They are so sparkly and bling-y, and so unique; I’ve never seen earrings like them before.

These are so beautiful and sparkly! I’m in love!

Unfortunately, a huge con of these is the weight!  The website says they’re heavy and even specifies that they weigh in at 0.6 oz., but it’s hard to envision until they’re actually in your ear.

Happily, I already had some Lobe Wonder Ear Support Patches on hand, and I was just waiting for an occasion to try them.  They’re just little round adhesives that you stick to the back of your ear and then pierce the earring directly through.  You then secure it all in place with the little plastic stopper that comes with the earrings.

It took a little bit of trickery, but I got them to work, even on these massively heavy beauties!  I had to play with the earring positioning a bit, but I had so much less sagging and stretching.

Very, very heavy, but better with Lobe Wonder

If you need some piercing support in a pinch and can’t wait for the Lobe Wonder to arrive, I’ve also heard that surgical tape works really well.  You just take a piece and roll it up several times over, so both sides are sticky.  Then, just cut it to a size that will fit on the back of your earlobe without showing from the front.

The application is the same – stick it to the back of your ear, then poke the earring through and secure with the earring’s back stopper.  If you try this, let me know how it works!

I love the unique look of these earrings!

I really, really love these, but even with the support patches, they probably aren’t everyday earrings.  I’ll definitely be breaking them out for special occasions, though! I hope BaubleBar makes a similar, lighter pair soon. I would love to be able to wear these much more regularly.

Important note: they are on sale for $30 and a final sale item, so definitely keep the super heavy weight in mind if you decide to order them.




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