The Perfect Gingham Romper for Summer 2018

The Perfect Gingham Romper for Summer 2018

Until last week, I wasn’t really a huge fan of rompers at all.  It turns out I just needed to find the right one.  I went into American Eagle to see the shorts that were recently stocked, but this gingham romper caught my eye right away. After a quick trip to the dressing room, I was so in love that I practically ran to the cash register.

American Eagle gingham romper -
I fell in love with this gingham romper as soon as I saw it!

Petite sizes are usually the best for me, but the physical store only carries regular sizes.  No worries – this romper fits me perfectly in a regular XS.  I briefly considered ordering the XS petite online, but it would probably be shorter than I want.  Don’t get me wrong: I would have rocked it back in my late teens and early twenties!  Now that I’m a mommy though, a slightly longer length feels a little bit more appropriate.  🙂

American Eagle Gingham Romper mirror pic -
Short, but not overly so. I feel a little more comfortable with a slightly longer length on the bottom, especially since the top is revealing, too.

Obviously, I’m in love with the gingham (since I love all things gingham).  I also love the feminine feel of this romper.  It’s cute, but it doesn’t feel entirely too young  It’s also on-trend without being too trendy, if you know what I mean.  I can easily see it being wearable for years to come.

We’ve already had a couple of hot days, so I was able to wear it out and about once last week.  I have to say, I love the convenience of quickly pulling it on and running out the door!  It’s even perfect for actively playing outside with my daughter, which is something I can’t easily do with a dress.

American Eagle gingham romper -
Snapped this quick pic while playing outside with my daughter: I have to say, it’s way more versatile than a dress!

This is definitely going to be one of my staple pieces this year for late spring and all through summer.

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