Gingham One-Shoulder Blouse Outfit

Gingham One-Shoulder Blouse Outfit

Gingham is an obsession of mine in the spring and summer, so I’ve got another gingham blouse for you guys today! This one is super feminine with a self-tie bow on one shoulder and ruffle details. Best of all, it’s less than $25!

Side note: please ignore my streaky self-tan in these photos!  I made a bad choice to try a new self-tanner, and it was horrible.  I have a couple of favorites that work for me (I plan to do a blog post on them soon), but this one caught my eye and it was a disaster.  Serves me right for straying from my tried and true, I guess! 🙂

Gingham one-shoulder blouse w/ self-tie bow and ruffles -
super adorable, feminine gingham top, complete with a self-tie bow on one shoulder and ruffles

This top is so adorable.  Of course the gingham is amazing, but I also love the self-tie bow on the one shoulder.  The ruffles add even more femininity, if that’s possible.

I’m wearing size XS, and it’s just slightly big on me.  It runs a tiny bit large, so I’d recommend sizing down if you’re between sizes.  Otherwise, your regular size should be fine.  It’s also available in two solid colors (black or tan).

I paired it with black jeans for a different look than what you might expect in the springtime.  If you’re anything like me, your black jeans are life.  Why store them away just because it’s warm outside?  As you can tell, I definitely don’t follow all the fashion ‘rules’!

inexpensive gingham blouse w/ self-tie bow on shoulder -
ignore my streaky self-tan fail and instead focus on the beauty of this adorable top 🙂

I added in a light blue beaded necklace to add some color and to make the outfit more appropriate for spring.  The necklace I’m wearing is an old one from BaubleBar and unfortunately it isn’t available anymore, but I found similar options here and here.

inexpensive gingham blouse for spring 2018 -
The complete outfit: adorable gingham blouse, black jeans, and black sandals – cute for springtime while still incorporating some of my favorite black pieces

I also made sure to have some fun color on my nails to add even more springlike brightness.  I have terrible natural nails, so I’m wearing Impress press-ons.  If you’ve never tried them and are looking for easy artificial nails, I highly recommend them. If you prefer your natural nails, Essie nail polish in Bikini So Teeny is one of my favorite springtime blue colors.

Of course, this top can also be paired with colored or white jeans instead.  Neutral-colored tops are always super easy to pair with just about anything, which is why I love them so much.  When you have a three year old, simplicity is key.  🙂


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