The Perfect Hoodie for Spring 2018

The Perfect Hoodie for Spring 2018

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The best hoodie for Spring 2018! Pink & white striped w/ mint accents <3

Warm spring days are the best, but of course, spring usually also means plenty of cooler days when a sweatshirt or hoodie is needed.  I found the perfect comfortable and cute hoodie for spring, and it just arrived in the mail on Friday.  I’m so in love with it already: I wore it pretty much all weekend. 🙂

I’ve been a huge fan of the Ampersand Avenue Doublehood Sweatshirts for a long time.  If you follow my Instagram, you may have seen a couple of pictures of my older ones pop up already.  

This one is brand new and was just released last week, and the colors are perfect for springtime.  Pink and mint green just go so beautifully together! Add in some stripes, and the result is gorgeous.

pink & white striped hoodie w/ mint green accents
pink & white striped hoodie w/ mint green accents

The Doublehood Sweatshirt (or as I call it, the doublehoodie) comes in so many different colors and patterns, and new styles are released all the time.  I usually get mine from Mindy Mae’s Market, but other independent boutiques carry some of them as well.  In my experience, Mindy Mae’s Market has the largest selection and they even have some exclusive designs made just for them, so I check there first before looking elsewhere.

Some of the older designs run slightly small, but this one is very stretchy and runs true-to-size. I’m wearing the XS with plenty of room for layering underneath.

As the name suggests, it has two hoods – so unique!  On this one, the top hood is pink and white striped like the rest of the sweatshirt.  The hood underneath is mint green.

This hoodie also features mint green cuffs.  Oh, and one of the best details: the cuffs have thumbholes!

Just like the name suggests, this Doublehood Sweatshirt has two hoods!
Just like the name suggests, this Doublehood Sweatshirt has two hoods!

I especially love wearing these on those dreary days with a little bit of rain: the kind we get a lot of in the spring.  The bright colors are a great mood lifter when the weather is dark and cloudy.

If a style you want is out of stock, don’t worry.  They’re restocked very often, so just check back later or sign up for the restock notifications.

If you decide to grab one (or more) from Mindy Mae’s Market, use code xoxo for 10% off your order.

Other boutiques that carry them include The Pulse Boutique, Kiss + Stitch, Luv Cole Boutique, and Lavender & Lace Boutique, amongst many others.


Here are some of my other favorite Doublehood Sweatshirts from Mindy Mae’s Market:

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