Monogram Initials Necklace…Love at First Sight!

Monogram Initials Necklace…Love at First Sight!

I’ve been lusting after the gorgeous monogram initials necklaces that have been so on trend for awhile now, so I finally pulled the trigger and ordered one from one of my favorite everyday jewelry websites, BaubleBar.

Note: this review is not sponsored, and these are my 100% honest feelings.

I spent a lot of time looking at the different combinations available on their website. They have different fonts (script and a block print), materials (acrylic, gold-plated, sterling silver, etc.) and sizes (small, medium, large, and x-large) for all different price ranges and personal styles. They even have a couple with diamonds in them (in block print and in script), which I’m really drooling over!

After a ton of thought, I finally settled on a ‘large’ size monogram in the script style, with a sterling silver chain. I was afraid x-large would be a little too big for my small frame, and I picked acrylic because of all the different color choices available in that material. I chose the translucent aqua color because I have such a weakness for pastels, and I wanted just a little pop of color for a unique look.

Note: the block style can be found here, if that’s more your thing. Both are stunning, so it was really difficult for me to decide.

Here is a link to all of their monogram item options – sooo many choices!

The necklaces have a 1-4 week turnaround time, depending on the style you select. Also, it’s important to note that once you place your order, it’s completely non-refundable (since it’s personalized) and can’t be changed in any way.

Despite the huge snowstorm we had last week, my necklace arrived a few days ago and I couldn’t wait to tear into the package. They did a really wonderful job of putting the order together nicely in a bright pink box, which I think added a little something extra special to the unwrapping experience.

And…here is the gorgeous necklace! The quality is excellent and I think it will look great with neutral tops and jeans.. I definitely see myself wearing it a lot!

If I could go back, there’s only one thing I might do differently: I might choose a non-translucent color. I really took a chance with this one because there aren’t any examples of finished translucent necklaces on the website, so it was difficult to envision – and unfortunately, it turned out just a tiny bit more see-through than I was hoping.

This is minor and completely my own fault, and I really LOVE the look of this necklace overall, so I’ll definitely be buying more in the near future!

My final rating: 4.5 out of 5. I got exactly what I ordered, and it’s super pretty. I can’t wait to wear it with different outfits! I just wish there were more examples of the finished color options online, instead of just the color swatches. It would also be awesome if they offered some opaque pastel color choices.

Oh, and another really cool thing BaubleBar does! They always have ‘bonus baubles’ to pick from – if you spend a certain amount (usually about $40), you can pick between several different free bonus jewelry items. The bonuses change frequently, so it’s always fun to see what new choices they have.

I chose this layered tassel necklace. I think it’s super pretty and I see myself wearing it a lot, too!  Unfortunately, its not an option currently, but they have plenty of other beautiful choices available right now.


I’m loving my new necklaces so much that I’m already planning my next purchase!  

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